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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pink Saturday - Mexican Vacation Style

How about a pink marguerita?

Or some beautiful pink blouses?

Or maybe some pink onions?

These are just a little "taste" of our Mexican vacation and the PINK that went along with it!

Have a wonderful weekend. I'm visiting my Grand's, so might have more PINK next weekend after being with the girls.
Check it out! That's where all the action is!


  1. Those onions are too pretty to be onions! I'll take a margarita!

  2. Those blouses are so pretty and the onion, oh my didn't think onions could look that appealing.
    Nice pics. Happy Pink Saturday.

  3. Those onions certainly are pretty! I never thought of onions being pretty, but those are! Wonderful pinks from your trip to Mexioc. Happy Pink Saturday, Sandi.


  4. What a wonderful trip! I love all the colors!

    Happy PS!

    In Shoes We Trust,
    Maggie Mae
    "Do these shoes Match this purse?"

  5. Love the dresses... and now I'm thirsty (that drink looks soooo tasty)! =) Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. I'm loving that pink margarita! The colors of those blouses are so vibrant and pretty. What is in those onions? This is a cute and very different way of serving salsas and even chicken salad. I like it! Thanks for sharing! -April

  7. Ole! Neato idea to fill red onions with chicken salad or whatever. Looks like you had a ball in Mexico.
    Joyce M

  8. Now that looks like fun!! I could use some of that!! Have a great weekend and Happy Pink Saturday! Sherri : )

  9. Great pinks - Happy late Pink Saturday!

  10. That Margarita sure looks good, even at 10AM...but it's 5 o'clock somewhere right??? Totally creative, it makes me wish for sand under my toes and a cool drink in my hand (while wearing one of those bright beautiful blouses of course!) Happy Pink Saturday!

  11. What a cool thing to do with the onions...never would have thought of that!!


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