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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Show and Tell Friday

I have a very small collect of Phantom of the Opera items. They are kept in DD#2's bedroom. I also keep my seasonal clothing in that closet, so when I go in there, I look through the below items, play the music boxes, etc.
I have a poster that is signed by the cast which I received from my BFF.....

One of my favorite parts of the movie is the monkey music box, and I have one just like it.....

Music boxes x 2 that are dated

Regular and Pop-up books.

This collection was started when I heard the Phantom of the Opera on CD years ago. After that, I was able to see it many, many times - twice on Broadway in New York City. I watch the movie at least every 2-3 months, and play the music whenever I get the chance. Thanks for stopping by, please leave comments!

Join me as I thank our hostess, and drop by to see her at the below address:


  1. OH! MY! GOODNESS! You have the monkey music box? I got chills just reading and seeing it! I love when the theatre is silent and all you hear is Masquerade playing... my goodness! I am so very, very jealous! I love it! The signed poster is amazing as well! Thank you so much for sharing... I totally love everything! Have a wonderful weekend! -April

  2. I love the movie and dream of seeing the play at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta some day!

    Sherry at A Happy Valentine

  3. Love your post! Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. I wanna watch that movie again. I really wish I would have stayed awake to watch The Phantom on Broadway in New York!


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