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Friday, September 25, 2009

Pink Saturday

Took a photo of some beautiful mums this past weekend, thought I would share. Have a wonderful weekend, and most espeically a beautiful pink Saturday. Thanks Beverly for hosting this wonderful day to be ourselves. I vow here and now to buy pink any time I want to, no matter what anyone else thinks!



  1. Sandi,

    The mums are a gorgeous shade of pink, one of my favorite flowers. Do you plant your potted mums in the ground when they start to fade??

    Have I mentioned that I love your header?? I feel the same way! Although today is miserable, I keep hoping summer wil last a bit longer...

    Have a happy week!!


  2. Oh they are so pretty. I love the color...Christine

  3. These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I've seen a lot of orange and yellow out and about, but not the pink. I like it. ~ Sarah

  4. I've never seen pink mums! Mums are a favorite of mine. I am so late getting to everyone, but I'm so glad to see these. (from a late HPS friend.)


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