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Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's another giveaway!!! For followers ONLY!!!

I'm having a giveaway for my followers only. I want so much to thank you all for following along, leaving comments, and being my sounding board at times. I spent last weekend in the company of royalty (in my humble opinion)! I went to the fall opening of Mary Carol Garrity's home in Atchison, Kansas. You can go to the Nell Hills web site and see what I'm talking about. To the left is the front of Mary's greek revival home in Atchison. Approximately 3000 people per day attended the open house and fall extravaganza! The wait to get in was around 30 minutes, as there were buses going back and forth between the business downtown and the house every 15 minutes. After touring the house, out in the side yard was a tent with Mary, signing her newest book- just outYep, that's me with Mary, enjoying the beautiful weather and friendly atmosphere. She's quite the lady! When we realized that I didn't have the book facing the camera, we HAD to take the photo again!
Ok, this time we got it right....I admit, I got a little carried away..... One for me....One for my friend Sheila... and one for ......

Sandi's blog - that's me and that's the prize I'm giving away. The book is awesome, it has good ideas on decorating, using nature as a resource for some of the ideas. The winner will receive Mary Carol's newest book, titled "Oh Christmas Tree" and autographed by Mary Carol, from me as a thank you. I had so much fun there, and got so many good ideas, I might just make this a tradition - I hear they do it 3 times a year!

So, this is all you have to do. If you aren't a follower - now's the time, and if you ARE a follower, sit back, relax because you are already entered for the giveaway. To be fair, I will not draw for a winner until the end of October, just in case you want to let your friends in on the fun. I will however, give you an extra chance to win, IF you put my giveaway on your blog, so be sure and leave a comment to let me know! Check my side bar for the official giveaway photo to post and send more folks my way! Thanks again to you all. Hugs, Sandi


  1. What a fabulous day. I know you had the best time and I certainly would have. I love her books, she is very talented. The pics of her home are wonderful. So glad you got to go. Hugs, Marty

  2. Aren't you sweet to think of us?? That looks like a fabulous little field trip--can't beiieve the numbers of people!!! I'd love to own her new book--especially signed!!! Thanks!!

  3. Wow, it sounds like you had a ton of fun. And how neat that you got her to autograph the books. Come visit my blog. I'm having a 100th post giveaways. I'm so excited to be part of blogger world. Have a wonderful day.

  4. It looks like that was a lot of fun. You're photo is so cute!

  5. Sandi, what a wonderful experience! I so wanted to do this trip last spring, and it didn't work out. I'd love to visit with you about some details though. I want to make this trip sometime and have never been to that area. I'm so excited to be included in your chance to win this autographed book. What a wonderful gift for your followers. Please do enter me. I'll also post your photo and link. Loved seeing the photos. Did you get to take photos inside the house? Thanks again. Have a great weekend. ~ Sarah

  6. You must have had a wonderful time. The book
    looks like some great decorating ideas.

  7. Dear Sandi,
    I wish I could have gone and taken in all of this as well. How neat! Lucky you.

    Glad you're sharing this on your blog.
    Looks like a wonderful time you had!!!

    Look forward to your drawing and will tell others about this in October.

    Autumn Blessings,

  8. Sandi,

    How wonderful that you got to meet Carol!! She looks every bit as nice in person as she sounds in her books. And her homes are gorgeous. I'd never want to go anywhere! lol!!

    How generous you are to have the givaway. However, I just bought the book. If you want to leave me out, that's okay. Or I could have a giveaway if I win!!

    Have a lovely weekend, lucky you!! ;-)


  9. Oh Sandi!
    How great is this? You got to meet Carol and you are sharing with us bloggie friends. I am so honored. How thoughtful of you. Thank you sweetie. Please enter me into the give away. I have been a follower for a long time. Love ya . Thanks for sharing. Country hugs, Sherry

  10. I will definitely put your link on my blog. My followers would surely like a chance to win this lovely book. Thanks so much for your generosity!

  11. Sandi, am I a follower? I need to check. I know that you are a follower on my blog and I know that I had alot of trouble with the following thing, my picture would work. I do visit you, you have a boarder exactely like my di-vey cover. I'm going to get you thing on the side and down load it on my side bar for this give away. Put me in.


  12. Sandi, I was going out today to try and find this book. I love Mary Carol. This giveaway is delightful!!

    Barb ♥

  13. Oh, Sandi. How exciting for you. I would love to have been there.

    Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity to win. And, Happy Pink Saturday.

    I hope you will follow my blog, too.

  14. So glad that you stopped by...I am going to do a better job at visiting more blogs.....Nothing I like better.....

  15. Whoohoo I'm a follower now! I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win!!! Thanks for coming over to my blog for my giveaway I love finding new blog friends!

  16. What a nice give-away! I wanna win!!! I'm now a Follower, and I'll put the button on my blog!


  17. Hi Sandi...

    Ohhh...what a day you must have had! You know, I would just adore the Nell Hill's Christmas book...I bet it's fabulous!!! Please...please, please...please...put my name in for the drawing! Ohhh...I'm crossin' my fingers now...crossin' my toes too...sheeshh, I'll even cross my eyes if it'll help me win! Hehe!

    Thank you, my friend...what a fabulous gift giveaway...very sweet and so generous of you!!! I am now a follower of your delightful blog and look forward to getting to know you!!!

    So very nice to meet you, Darlin'!
    Warmest wishes,

  18. Oooo, I am pea GREEN with envy that you got to go to her house & meet her! I will by happy to post your button on my blog & talk up your wonderfully thoughtful giveaway.
    I just signed up to be a follower, even though I've visited your site several times. Love what you do!

  19. Hello Sandi,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and the invite to your fabulous give-a-way! It looks like you had a great visit! I am now a follower of your delightful blog and look forward to getting to know you! I have posted your button on my blog with a link back to your give-a-way.

    ~ Tracy

  20. to much fun!!! please enter me

  21. That is a great giveaway! I'm now a follower on your blog!

  22. A great blog, a great give-away! I have become a follower , Count me in .;~)
    ~Myrna lee

  23. You're so lucky! I wish I lived closer so I could have gone! Hope you had a great time. I can only imagine what's in that book!

  24. Hi Sandi, I just found your blog and love your giveaway. I am now a follower too.



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