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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Foodie Friday

Two of our grandsons were here last week and over the weekend, some of our kids (2/3) came home. I love it when they do, because we always have comfort foods. These are the foods that they request over and over again. I'm posting today, some of our family favorites. We spent the day on Saturday at the lake out on the boat, then left the cabin and came home for Saturday night supper.
Fresh picked corn on the cob. My DH's cousin lives down the road and she sells her corn from the back of her truck this time of year. You pay for a dozen, you get 13. It's called Cream and Sugar or something like that. It just melts in your mouth, and is so sweet.
I was so hungry this week for my homemade potato salad. When I was young, my Dad always made the potato salad at our house. He used mustard and sugar to spice it up. I LOVE to eat this potato salad when it's still warm. It reminds me of Dad.
And to top it all off, 1/2 inch cut pork chops, on the grill. My DH does all the grocery shopping, and he knows how to buy meat! I also made a lemonade dessert that is really easy. I'll have to post it in my 3 ingredients list one of these days!
On Sunday a.m., we had breakfast consisting of fruit salad. I just bought a bag of frozen fruit, and added our own frozen strawberries. Mmmmm...good!
And the weekend was complete with "drippy rolls" as DIL, Carla, calls them. Everyone enjoys their own sort of "comfort foods". Hope you didn't mind me talking about ours!

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  1. I do love this mixed corn and it is always the sweetest and juiciest. It ALL looks good!

  2. Oh man I want to eat all of that right now! You are the best cook!

  3. MMMMMMM ~ I haven't had a good sweet ear of corn all summer!
    Our crops in Texas all died out! Have a great weekend: )

  4. Where to start? Corn mmmmm. Pork chops. mmmmm. Homemade potato salad. mmmmm. Shall I go on?

  5. That all looks so yummy! I've already told my huband I want to grill this weekend and now I know I have to!

  6. I love that kind of fresh corn, too, and I always like ANY potato salad warm...don't care much for it once it goes in the fridge.

  7. I love corn....!!! Everything just look so good. Okay, I'm hungry now.

  8. I hope to see you at Crock Pot Wednesdays at this week. Mr. Linky is up and ready for you.


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