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Sunday, August 2, 2009

My very first AWARD!!

I'm so excited! I've always thought how neat it was to be recognized by your fellow bloggers for an award, and I have one of my very own now!!! This is what it says:

Stroke of the Brush Award, which recognizes and celebrates the willingness to take risks, speak honestly, act with integrity, and in the process create and share colors and/or words that stroke our curiosity and brush aside our differences.

Now I know there a lot of awards out there, but I am so honored with the above description that I have won this one. Thanks to Bobbi from The Bead Goes On was very gracious to give me this award. Thanks so much Bobbi for your friendship and kindness.
So now I will be looking to pass it forward! Thanks again Bobbi!


  1. Congrats Meme! I know how excited you must be! You ROCK!

  2. congrats daughter, you are special forever, love, mom

  3. Speak honestly? You??? REALLY?? :)


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