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Sunday, August 2, 2009

My 100th Post Giveaway!!!!

Here's what I have in my giveaway! Clock wise =an outdoor thermometer that has attitude. There is so much detail! Next is the dress shaped notepad - it even has a hanger! bottom right is some crocheted pieces with a beautiful pin, a white milk glass tea cup and saucer, a package of Ice Breakers, a wall vase, and a refrigerator magnet. I wanted to get several things, and make them all mean something special. Hope the winner agrees.
I got a tea cup and saucer that are milk glass, and actually match my dinnerware at the antique store in Colby, Kansas. Hopefully, the winner will think of me when they use it.
How about some sugarless gum? It's one of those things that you slip in your purse and when you go junkin' next time, pull out a piece and think of me.......
There are 3 separate pieces of crochet work and a beautiful pearl and white sparkly diamond-like stones with gold. I think the winner will like these.....
A magnet for the frig, to help the winner remember me!!!
I fell for the dress shaped note pads immediately! I knew I had to have one for ME and my blog winner. I kept the matronly one and gave away the "little black dress". The winner is going to LOVE the back of the dress - it PLUNGES to the waist and has a slip up the back, quite racy! And of course what dress is complete without pearls!
Here's the detail on the thermometer. I hope the winner never sees the arrow point at THAT number! Brrrrrr......
This is the detail on the wall vase, see the hearts?
I hope whoever wins this is someone who likes old, vintage things as much as I do.
I fell in love with the pin, it's so dainty and will be a beautiful accent, where ever the winner decides to use it. So, now it's time to find out who the winner is......
Thanks to Terry from Lady Liberty Patriot for pointing me in the right direction of the "random number generator". If I had good penmanship like some of the other ladies, I might have taken the time to write 210 names on little slips of paper, but nahhhhh....not gonna happen. Thank you Mr. Random Number Generator, looks like it's number 85. I had gone through and numbered each blog however; and it looks like the winner is ...................
It's CATE AT "FROM LITTLE THINGS"!!!!! YEAH CATE!!!!!!So now.... I gotta find her!!!
Cate left a comment on my Rodeo Tablescape a couple of weeks ago.
Cate's blog is "fromlittlethings-cate". What a cute PINK background on her blog. She had written one on making homemade cards for your children's teachers. It has some great ideas of where to get the poetry or sayings to go in them and the kind of supplies she uses. They were adorable!! I have written her a note to let her know she won, and hope to hear from her soon. It's been a very busy weekend, with the kids home and cleaning house was needed badly. 2 Grandsons spent the week with Pa and they kinda let things go. I have been buying stuff for the giveaway, and had some with me, and some at home.

I finally have gotten the stuff all in one place and got some photos taken this p.m. I hope it meets everyone's approval. I KNOW there are some people out there who critique the giveaways by how "cheap" they think the givers are! Thanks to everyone who came over and became followers of my blog, posted my giveaway, and gave me so many nice comments. I really can't express properly how much fun it is for me!


  1. Hi, I wanted to stop in and say Congrats to Cate! Wow, the gifts are just awesome and I'm sure she will love them! Thanks for the chance though and it's been so wonderful to meet you and I have to say, I love your blog...thank you! Have a great rest of your evening.

  2. Oh man!!! I was one away! Story of my life... LOL! Congrats to Cate!


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