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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Its a pillow challenge!

I made a little tooth fairy pillow for a very special couple who are going to be first time Mom and Dad - very soon! Mom (to be) is a dental hygienest (or however it's spelled) and I thought this would be so great! It's made from the Dad (to be)'s Great Grandmothers pillow case.
it definitely needed a little pouch for the tooth! And the edge of the pillow case had the perfect little scallops.
the detail is amazing!

Thanks for leaving a comment about my pillow and wish me luck in the challenge! I'm excited to give it to the new Mom and Dad this weekend! Linking back to the pillow challenge at the CSI project below:

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vintage Pillowcases, turned in to Tooth Fairy Pillows

Looking for a unique baby gift is hard for some people. This young couple seems to have everything already! I had thought I'd make a baptismal bonnet like I did for my kids, but when I contacted one of the grandma's she said they had one. She volunteered to send me some of the new Dad's, grandmother's, embroidered pillow cases. I decided since the new Mom is a dental hygienist, I would make a Tooth Fairy Pillow out of one. Then she sent 2 pillow cases, so I could make one for Emma too - since their Daddies are like - BEST FRIENDS! She sent the pillow cases this past week, so today (Sunday) I got to work.
Just picking which one to use was hard - they were all wonderful! Even the inside of these pillow cases are amazing!
The detail work is just awesome! They aren't "fairies" but they could be! So, this the one I chose. Plus, there were 2 of them, so I made Emma's just like the new Babies.
My stash of cut fabric with all eyes on the project!
It just makes me cringe when I cut up these pretties!
The little tooth pouch is made from the back of the case, using that delicious edge as the flap.
They turned out wonderfully, and I think the recipients will be pleased. I apparently don't have any stuffing in the house, so tomorrow I will finish these up. It took less than an hour to do them both, very easy!

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Vintage Thingie Thursday

Some fabulous Thrifty Finds!!!

I got this pile of treasures from the UMW (United Methodist Women) Thrift Shop on Friday.
The white tablecloth had never been washed, the white napkins were pretty dingy, so they are soaking. The vintage tablecloth is in PERFECT condition. And I don't think I have one of this pattern.

The napkins have NEVER been used - or at least never washed - you can tell from the tag.
So as we speak - they are soaking in Oxyclean.

These are Pier I placemats - label $3.00 each, I got them 4/$2.00!
I can't wait to use these - they are SO reminding me of Spring. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another Give Away - Creating Vintage Charm

It's a big week for giveaways! Hope over to this one and look it over - it's amazing the things the folks come up with! Of course I have to join as a follower, cause I love everything they do, then I blog on their giveaway -ANYTHING to get a few more chances- cause I'm unlucky at these deals. Thanks goodness I'm lucky in LOVE - huh? Dear Hubby? Have a wonderful weekend, and click on the link below to join in the newest fun I've found:

Another Give Away - this time from A Primative Place Magazine

A Primative Place Magazine has a new blog! They are also having a great giveaway, so hop on over and check it out. You can find them easily by clicking on the below link:

Enjoy! I think this is going to be a great new blog to add to your list. I joined as a new follower, and hope you will too!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Do NOT go check on this giveaway! No! No! No!

I'm not a lucky person when it comes to give aways - some of you I see winning over and over - I just don't get it. So, I wanted to let you know that I've entered into the awesome-est, neatest, coolest, huge-est, Frenchiest, White-est. Farm Housiest, Vintage-est give away I've ever seen.

The photo is just a little sample of some of the yummies. BUT I do NOT want you to go check it out, cause I want more of a chance to win! He he he Ok, maybe I've been a little selfish - and of course this one is SO good, I couldn't keep it to myself! So, go to the below link and sign up BEFORE the 31st of March. It's absolutely awesome!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flaunt it Friday

For Christmas this year, I made everyone in the family -kids, Grands, and In Laws- aprons. They are all black/white checked, with a different colored pocket for each family. I try to get one gift every year that ALL the families get.
Emma was all for posin' at Christmas! Greta is wondering what all the fuss is about!
I decided to have a booth this fall at the Highway 36 Treasure Hunt. I'm making aprons to sell. Brady was here for Spring Break, and modeled one of the ones that I thought could be either boy or girl. This one has a matching adult apron, so if someone wants one matching - they can get it. I'm not making a ton of money on these, mostly just enjoying the whole thing! When I redid my Mom cave last year, I PROMISED my DH that I would use up a lot of the fabric in my closet. SO, I'm using all my remnants to make the aprons. They are $15.00 for adults, and $10.00 for the kids. So far I've made 10 kids, and 4 adults. I've only just begun!
There are no two alike. They are all handmade by me, and are very special.
I'm thinking this one can be boy OR girl - it has bugs on it! My Grandsons wear their aprons that I made for Christmas, and love them.
Even my 15 year old Grand wears his! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! I'm happy to be back = although I enjoyed those boys immensely! Click on the below link to find more Flaunt It Friday Posts.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's a break!

I'm taking a short break to be with 3 of my Grands this week. I'll be back rarin' to go next week! Have a great week everyone. Sandi

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Maude and another Vintage Friday!

Maude is one of my favorite decorations in my home. She is in our sunroom/dining area off the kitchen.
Today, she held still while I put on one of my collars off my bargain basement sweaters.
I very nearly bought a fur coat in an antique store a couple of weeks ago. It's was on sale.
If its still on sale when I go back in April - it's Maudes......

Maude, today embodies the very being of me. If I were every to put together a photo that said "me" without my photo on, this is it. All the things I love are here. The Victorian style necklace just is ME. The cross necklace signifies my love of Jesus Christ. The heart necklace is a memory of a day I spent with my favorite people - my 2 daughters and my best friend, Yvonne. We went to see Oprah - and this was one of the giveaways.
The family tie that Maude is, because she came from my Mom. The softness from the collar.

The love all of things vintage, and old is in the apron, and Maude.

Maude is sporting one of my vintage aprons in a deep purple floral print.
This apron has built in hot pads on the sides. but, I'll show those in another post.

All that, and a great blog header too!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I had so much fun with Maude today, and she cooperated so WELL! I told me DH that I had bracelets too, but her arms weren't long enough - he didn't even laugh!!!! Hehehehe! I thought I was being clever! Please head over to the to check in all the folks I've linked to. Just click on the below links:

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Cinnabon Brunch Tablescape Thursday And Cloche Party!

I'm having some muffins and coffee, wanta sit down?
I'm using my new candelabra, with a little lace drape.
I finally found little cloche's to use for muffins, or desserts.
I have plenty of room, have a seat!
It's just dripping with delish!
I just layered on the lace tablecloths, and then added a few touches.
I like coffee. Plain. Black. Hot. period.

I just love these fake ice cubes! They don't make the glass dirty,
don't melt while I'm taking photos.....

I LOVE the way the chandelier above the table AND the candelabra are
reflected in the spoon.
The salt and pepper match and my large collection
of Wexfordware dishes.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'm joining Susan for her famour Tablescape Thursday at the below link:

Or the Cloche Party at the below link: