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Friday, March 4, 2011

Pink Saturday with my Doll

This little pink dress was mine when I was little. I remember so well when my Mom was making it. I was excited because it was going to have this beautiful collar on it. I would sit

beside the sewing machine on the floor and hold the collar in my lap while Mom sewed.

I don't remember being poor. I remember having anything I wanted, I guess I just didn't want much. Most of my pretty dresses (including this one) were made from dresses that Mom got from other people. She would tear them up and use the fabric for us girls. We had beautiful clothes. And I remember thinking how awesome it was that my dress was made out of a PROM dress! This fabric is very satiny.

This sweet little belt that ties in the back. And it made me feel pretty to wear it.

When I got this doll, her hair was a mess! It was straight and icky looking. One night I put her head over the sink and washed it, just like it was a real person. Then, I sat on the couch, with her standing between my legs and one by one I roller her hair in perm rods. They were the only thing I had that was little enough to go in the hair. I trimmed the ends first, so the hair was all one length. Then, I left it - for WEEKS. I'm tickled that it still looks so good after all these years, cause it was a LOT of work - and I really wouldn't want to have to do it very often!

This doll belonged to my Grandma Alley. She is a walking doll. I never had a doll like this, and when she gave her to me, I wondered what in the world I would do with her. Now we know, huh?

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  1. What a pretty dress and doll. Such sweet memories. My mil used to make my husband and his 3 brothers little suits and even hats out of old clothes. She was like your mom very talented.

  2. Your mom was so very talented and she made a little girl very happy! How I'd love to have memories like these. The doll is just beautiful and I am amazed at how wonderful the dress fits her!


  3. Oh sweetie what a darling dolly and a beautiful dress...I love lace trim and your mom did a super job. What beautiful memories you have and that is the sweetest thing! Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. What a beautiful post! Your childhood dress is awesome! What an artist your Mom was!
    And I love what you did with your sweet doll! Great job on redoing her hair! It looks great!
    I really enjoyed this delightful post!!


  5. Oh that doll is simply the sweetest! I am so glad you saved her and you gave her such a pretty hair style. I love the story of your homemade clothes. I think those of us lucky enough to get hand made clothing were truly blessed. We had one of a kind creation no Hollywood celebrity could even touch! HPS and thanks for sharing. Come visit soon. Anne

  6. That's the sweetest doll story! My mom sewed for me, too. I remember her saying she saw a dress in the window of an expensive store. She studied it and went home and made me one just like it by drawing the pattern on paper sacks.

  7. such great memories, that is wonderful you have the doll and she is wearing your dress!

  8. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Great memories...How awesome is having a doll wearing your dress!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  9. What a great story, and a pretty doll. Sometime when you have a free moment you should take a look at my post about Melody's valentine parade. It is a little story I made up. How lucky you are to have your memory and the dress.
    Have a happy pink week.

  10. I remember dolls like this one. I don't think we were poor either, but I know my mom rarely got any new clothes when I was little. I just think our "wants" were much smaller than kids today.

  11. What a lovely dress and an even lovelier story and doll to go with it...I am a new follower from Pink Saturday Pinkim! TrulySimplyPink


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