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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vintage Pillowcases, turned in to Tooth Fairy Pillows

Looking for a unique baby gift is hard for some people. This young couple seems to have everything already! I had thought I'd make a baptismal bonnet like I did for my kids, but when I contacted one of the grandma's she said they had one. She volunteered to send me some of the new Dad's, grandmother's, embroidered pillow cases. I decided since the new Mom is a dental hygienist, I would make a Tooth Fairy Pillow out of one. Then she sent 2 pillow cases, so I could make one for Emma too - since their Daddies are like - BEST FRIENDS! She sent the pillow cases this past week, so today (Sunday) I got to work.
Just picking which one to use was hard - they were all wonderful! Even the inside of these pillow cases are amazing!
The detail work is just awesome! They aren't "fairies" but they could be! So, this the one I chose. Plus, there were 2 of them, so I made Emma's just like the new Babies.
My stash of cut fabric with all eyes on the project!
It just makes me cringe when I cut up these pretties!
The little tooth pouch is made from the back of the case, using that delicious edge as the flap.
They turned out wonderfully, and I think the recipients will be pleased. I apparently don't have any stuffing in the house, so tomorrow I will finish these up. It took less than an hour to do them both, very easy!

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  1. I absolutely love this clever and creative idea!

  2. Absolutely beautiful, I would have found it very hard to cut them too xxx

  3. They are so beautiful. A gift they will cherish forever. ~~Sherry~~

  4. Great idea and one that will be a treasure and keepsake.


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