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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Metamorphosis Monday

We found these two chairs sitting beside the dumpsters, at the lake. I just had to have them, knew that I'd find a place for them. Well, here we are 3 weeks later, and I realized I have JUST the place. As is, they are rather plain little chairs.

Little decorative element on the back there.

I'm thinking that sometime in the past, these chairs were quite nice.

Good bones, that's what I'm thinkin'.

They are quite dirty, so I want to replace the covers.

This one needs a little work, here.

And another place.

All stripped down, waiting for the next step.

Some sanding makes it a little more work.

I'm worried these lines are going to show after it's all done. But, I've steam pressed it, and just about everything else I can think of, and they still show. Oh well, the fabric was free -thanks Mom!

Removing all the staples takes a little bit. I hadn't planned to remove the padding, but after taking it apart, I just couldn't reuse it. Yucky! The old is gone!

The fabric will hopefully lose the lines after awhile.

4 Coats of black paint to make it look better!

If you remember, this chair needs some work. A bag of cement hold the joints together until the glue dries. The clamps we had just weren't big enough, so we had to come up with plan B.

A double bed mattress pad provides the padding for the new cushion. I just happened to have one in the closet!

I'll post more about the chairs next week. Please come back next week for my Mom Cave entry. Right now, join me as I go over to Susan's for her Metamorphosis Monday.


  1. Those chairs look much better. I like your step by step pics. I saw you at BNOTP.

  2. Wow, that is a huge difference!! I'll be back to see what happens next!

  3. Great make over! The best part is that you just found them beside the road. I love curbside finds the best!

  4. Oh, you did such a great job on these chairs! They don't even look a bit like their former selves! Wonderful! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello! Let's keep in touch!


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