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Friday, July 16, 2010

Vintage Thingie Thursday LATE POST

I was kinda bummed this week, cause I didn't have a vintage thingie post ready - then I remembered.................
I used these glasses in my Tablescape Thursday post, and they are vintage!
We seem to think that these days we are more patriotic than we used to be....or that women didn't USED to decorate or feel like our dishes and glassware were important. But, I'm here to tell you, that's not true.
As well as these glasses go with my dinnerware, I want you to know - they are over 40 years old. I know I've told you before about how my dad saved coupons from oil cases and redeemed them for my bicycle (header) when I was a little girl. Well, they also gave away these awesome patriotic glasses. Remember, this was during the Vietnam era, and we were patriotic then too. Well, at least those of us with friends and loved ones over there.
The only problem with these glasses are they are very fragile, th in, hard to use without breaking, but makes great tablescapes. I still have a place setting of 12, and use them very seldom. Just another one of those things that I have left from my Daddy, that I cherish!
Here's the whole table. If you want to see more, just click on the below link to see the whole Tablescape Thursday post. Thanks for stopping and leavinga comment! Sandi
Well, guess I'm too late for this week, so you will definitely see this again NEXT week! Sorry.


  1. The only way I can post is anonymously - sorry. I HAVE those same glasses. I found mine at Goodwill and only bought 2 of them. I realized later I should have bought all 5 of them, but I was trying to be thrifty. There's only the hubby and me at home now. Thanks for sharing their story.

  2. Those glasses are lovely - I think I may have had those same glasses when I first came to the USA back in 1971 and we were just starting out setting up house. I loved those glasses, but with a lot of things, they got lost/broken in the many moves, but it sure is nice to see others having them still.
    Thanks for sharing ;-) Have a great weekend!


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