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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Thifty Tablescape Thursday a little more Red-White-Blue

My elcheapo candle holders.....$2.00 at a garage sale and .99 worth of white spray paint - whopee!
Here's my candle holders for a distance- okay? Table for 4? Right away! Please follow me this way....
Of course with a red-white-blue table what else could you serve but barbequed ribs, corn on the cob and baked potatoes? And don't forget that slice of apple pie with ice cream. MmMmMm!
I've mentioned before that my Dad worked in a gasoline station when I was young. I think I told you that my bicycle (blog header) was purchased by using coupons in cases of oil that Dad kept and redeemed for a bicycle. Well, that's where my glassware with red-white-blue came from too. They are very fragile, but I still have a place setting of 12 from my "hope chest". Did anyone else have a hope chest?
This is a nice close-up of my dinnerware.
I bought my red-white-blue dishes a couple of years ago at Goodwill. The plates are 10", and seem HUGE up against some of my other ones. There is also a dessert plate, salad/soup bowl, and coffee mug and saucer. I don't remember how much I paid, I guess I'll have to look in some of my old posts, I bet it's in there.....
The bear is one I've had forever. I just love the look on her face, and her cute little patriotic dress and apron just called my name.
The flatware is my old standby - purchased at the Dollar General when I was working as a traveler. They were cheap, and have held up very well.
I picked up the red placemats and matching napkings a set of 4 of each, for 2.99 at Freda's Flea Market. They were JUST what I needed.
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  1. Such a lovely table. My parents owned a mom and pop grocery store and our 'good' silverware came out of boxes of bubble gum! Wonderful memories!

  2. Your setting is super! LOVE all the patriotic dishes, and glasses, etc. The bear is very sweet, and she fits right in.

  3. Love the bear and your dishes and tumblers! Very festive for the 4th! You did a good job painting the candleholders. They look very nice!

  4. Cute table, very festive. I find it remarkable that you still have 12 of the glasses! Have a great week, Sandi.

  5. So cute. Love all of the red, white and blue, but particularly love the history behind your treasures.

    - The Tablescaper

  6. Oh, I love those glasses! Just wonderful! And they are perfect with your dishes -- what a find those were! A very appealing table! Thank you for visiting my table this week, too!

  7. Fun to visit your blog and see what you've created for Tablescape Thursday.

    Looks wonderful with patriotic theme. Bright and makes a great statement.

    God bless,

  8. Love those dishes! How cool that you still have your bike! I wish I had mine.

  9. I'm so glad you shared the information about your bicycle (I had missed that before) and your patriotic glassware. Congratulations on keeping 12 of them intact. Your Goodwill dishes look great with them. I like the candleholders as well.

  10. I love the story of your table and the sources that you drew all these treasures from. I had a hope chest, but alas, not a very serious one.

  11. I love the patriotic table. If the glasses are from your hope chest, you must have been a red, white and blue girl for quite a while. This is a fun tablescape.

  12. Those glasses are very special! i'm amazed that you were able to keep them all safe. l grew up as a small town girl too, and my dad had a store, so we sometimes had glasses and other things which he received from manufacturers. Have a great day. Linda

  13. Fun table! Your patriotic dishes were a great find what ever the price. ~ Sarah


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