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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Another reason I'm kinda busy

How truly amazing life is. When we started dating in 1972, I never dreamed in a million years

that my life would take me down the roads it has. I was a Sr. in High School, and all my friends were planning to go to college, technical school, etc. But I kept telling everyone I just wanted to get married and have a family. The problem was at that time - I didn't even have a boyfriend. On December 31, 1971, I was invited to a New Years party, with anticipation that there were going to be some "available guys there". As it turned out, there was only one - my DH now. We met that night, at 15 minutes til midnight. 6 Weeks later, we were engaged, and 6 months later to the day - we were married.

I'd like to introduce the newest member to our family - Julia Catherine. We made a quick trip to see her the day she was born (a 5 hour drive).
Here's papa with Grand #8, and Grand daughter #4. We were blessed with 4 healthy boys - and lately 4 healthy girls. Our cup runneth over, we are truly blessed. Have a wonderful weekend. Sandi


  1. Such a blessing, what a great family of grands. That New Years Eve party was all meant to be. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  2. Congratulations on your beautiful little Julia Catherine...


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