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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Metamorphosis Monday - Jacket

Last weekend we went to KC to visit kids. On Saturday, we decided to take a road trip to Paola, to a German restraunt. The food was spectacular - and well worth the trip. Attached to the eating place, there was a little boutique that had some high-end treasures. The above jacket (apologize for the fuzzy photo) was regularly $85, marked down to $58. I was in LOVE, but it was a little more than I wanted to pay. Especially since I had an idea that I could make one. Around the neck was the crinkly fabric, with 2 little self fabric lapel tabs. This jacket had 2 silk mums attached on one of the label tabs. So.... when I got home.... this is what I did......

I got this jacket out of LTD last fall. They came 2 for I think $11.00. There's a brown and a pink one. They are made out of single knit, and had these LONG tails on the front. I love that new style - BUT I'm only 5' tall. Consequently, they hung below my knees. BEFORE we went to KC, I had cut the tails off, and left the jacket hang. Not sure what I wanted to do next.
A couple of months back, Mom gave me a remnant - saying "I don't know what you will do with this, but thought you'd use it for something! It's the exact same color as the fabric on the jacket.
In order to sew with this crinkly stuff, first you have to iron our the crinkles. If you don't the cut won't be even, and it's hard to handle. I cut 2 strips (because the remnant wasn't very long) 6" wide.
I sewed together the two strips to make one long one, and zig zagged the seam, because I didn't know how much ravel there would be.
I took 2 pieces of the scraps I'd cut off earlier, and made my little lapel tabs, and sewed the crinkly fabric, right sides together on the machine. I didn't want any evidence that the piece had been added, so I turned it, and sewed it on the back side - by hand.
When done, all that was left was to we down the crinkly fabric and scrunch it together again. It goes right back to the way it was - easy peasy!
Everyone needs a little "bling" once in awhile! Diamonds go with everything, right? I wasn't too sure about the silk flowers, they looked kinda cheap to me, so decided to use a pin. I have a sunflower pin that I'll use too, but this way I can change with what I'm wearing.
The finished projoct - waiting for me to wear it to church tomorrow. I think it will look good dressed up or down. I will probably wear it more with jeans than anything! And it cost all of $6.00 I paid to begin with and a little elbow grease!

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  1. You were only about 30 miles from me, Sandi!

  2. That really is a metamorphosis. I love how it turned out. I know you'll wear it often and receive many compliments.

  3. How cute -- I love the pin you chose -- It looks much nicer than the flowers did. I'm sure you got lots of compliments on your cute "new" jacket.

  4. Your jacket is GORGEOUS! you are such a talented lady... Oh, AND I like yours BEST! Have a wonderful week. AND if you have a spare moment please peek into my World of Blog... I LOVE company!
    Hugs, Donna

  5. Wonderful! I'm just as exited to read about the German restaurant.


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