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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's a Vintage Thingie Thursday!

I drive by this barn everyday, so took my camera a few weeks back. I posted it on Facebook, and sold $100 worth of photo and note cards before the day was out. Worked out good for me!

The story is, when this barn was sold (every time) the new owner had to sign a paper saying that he would keep it painted. So, it's BRIGHT red. I turned it into b&w and left the wreath and ribbon colored. I removed a lot of wires, posts, etc. but think it turned out great.

Enjoy the "balmy" weather, and join the fun at the below link!


  1. I love barns....especially old ones. Your picture is fabulous. Great job using your talents to make some $$ :)


  2. Love the red barn! And your B&W is just great. Congrats on sell so many photos & notecards! Really was worth the effort, wasn't it?

  3. it's beautiful..i love barns too!

  4. I can see why that would sell. You did a remarkable job on this barn scene. I love any old houses or barns.

  5. What a beautiful picture! I love the little touch of color. Great Job!

  6. Oh this is such picturesque place. The barn shot is fabulous. Great way to use your talents.

  7. That's a wonderful old barn, I love the shape of it. And your photo is picture-perfect, I can see why it would sell!

  8. Definitely a great image for some holiday cards!


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