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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pink Saturday

Greta is "in" to shoes, of all kinds, so her Aunty Emilie got her some for dress up for her 2nd birthday. She was so stinkin' cute walking around in them!

I'm sorry, maybe I'm prejudiced, but I think these are the cutest little girl shoes I've seen in a LONG time, how about you?

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Show and Tell Friday

Oh my gosh, it's here! I ordered this on the internet, and can't WAIT to see!!! How about you????
I'm so excited, I've been waiting for TWO WEEKS!!!!! Yay!!!
This is the wrought iron piece that holds it in place.
TaDa! It's my new bee hive beverage server!!!! This thing is gonna get used over and over! Just had to share, so thanks for stopping by. Check out my Show and Tell Friday items at the below address:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tablescape Thursday HAK Fun!

I had a dinner party on Mother's Day evening. Please enjoy the photos!
I sent out printed invitations, that had little flowers, in the same colors as the table decorations.

Each guest received a gift basket with a gardening theme, and some extra goodies!
The gift baskets are in my post for Thrifty Thursday this week. Be sure and check it out.
I used my Christmas present from DD#2's family, the white Gibson dishes.
And of course Grandma Alley's silverware. Have I told you I have a place setting for 24?
I love Gerber Daisies!
Red and white napkins, every other one. And of course my wexford glassware.
I used the garden rocks that I ususally have out on the deck table to help hold the tablecloth on.
Who could resist a chocolate mint after eating? NOT ME!!

These are the lovely ladies who joined me for a salad supper on Mother's Day evening. They are representatives from the local, district, and state officers for Hospital Auxiliaries of Kansas. (HAK)
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Vintage Thingie Thursday

Once upon a time, I attended an auction where the auctioneer knew my name. That can be both good and bad, but in this case - it was good. Unable to get a bid, he yells, "Sandi, will you give me a dollar for this box?" As ususal, I said yes. When I go thome, I found 6 pretty tea cups and saucers. Thinking I wanted to share my luck, I took them to the flower shop, and had a dried flower arrangement put in the, and at our next outing - gave one to each of my four friends.

Later on, I was told that these tea cups are vintage Japanese China, and sure enough the markings on the bottom confirmed that. I never did tell my friends, nor ask for them back as bad as I wanted to........

I think they are so pretty, and so dainty. I think I made a mistake by breaking up the set, but I didn't know what I had. Oh well.

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Thrifty Thursday HAK Baskets

My Thrifty Thursday post this week is what I used to make gift baskets for a dinner party. I bought baskets after Christmas, regular price $5.00.
It says 90% off! So, that was 50 cents each for these baskets!I bought 8 of them, then prayed I would have enough. They are about 5x5x5, and have a holiday lid and handle on them. The wicker is red striped/natural, or green striped/natural.
They were full of sugar cookies, and were so darn cute! And I had plenty of opportunity to get rid of the cookies, since I have grandchildren!
I took a teeny weeny little screw driver and removed the lids - saving them for a Christmas project sometime!
So, off to my scraps container, where I found a TON of lace! Free!
I just love the little flowers on this lace.
I have to do my hot glue work on the kitchen counter. It won't be long before I have a beautiful room to do my crafts/sewing/computer work in. I'll show that when it's done.
I like the lace around the top, it just fits!
Each basket (50 cents) holds a pair of garden gloves ($1), a garden shovel ($1), a peat pot !8/$1), a package of seeds (3/$1), and some M&M's ($2). I put Easter grass (free)in the bottom to help hold everything in place.
Below are the baskets, all set for my dinner party gifts! You can find them at Tablescape Thursday. I had a free coupon for printed invitations, and got 10 of them with garden flowers on them, with matching envelopes.
I am enjoying a wonderful spring Thrifty Thursday and hope you are too! More thrifty ideas can be found at the below address:

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tabletop Tuesday

I'm loving my faux fireplace, and have it ready for summer, even though this past 7 days have been plagued with cold weather and rain. I guess I'm hoping my positive thinking will help. I have a few photos of DH and I on different trips, in different kinds of frames, and some battery operated candles from Nell Hills. They are awesome. They have 2 settings. One is on, one is one for fours and automatically shuts off-then will turn on every day at the same time and run for 4 hours ----Oh! I guess 3 settings OFF! HA! The center of attention is my 20x26 canvas print photo of the ocean, that I took when we were in Puerto Vallarta, in February. I can stand in front of it for hours, and almost hear the ocean.

A picture frame found at a garage sale that someone put fabric in, instead of a photo.

Shells from our different beach travels through the years, and a dollar store plate, shaped like a fish.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Tabletop Tuesday

My Tabletop Tuesday post is about OTHER places we put vignettes, besides on tables. How about in the library, on top of the storage unit,in the living room on top of the armour,
out on the porch on top of the shelves
on top of your kitchen cabinets,
top of your china cupboard or bookcase,
I took all of these photos last fall when I visited Mary Carol Garrity's home in Atchison, Kansas. I can't get enough of this stuff!
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