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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thrifty Thursday HAK Baskets

My Thrifty Thursday post this week is what I used to make gift baskets for a dinner party. I bought baskets after Christmas, regular price $5.00.
It says 90% off! So, that was 50 cents each for these baskets!I bought 8 of them, then prayed I would have enough. They are about 5x5x5, and have a holiday lid and handle on them. The wicker is red striped/natural, or green striped/natural.
They were full of sugar cookies, and were so darn cute! And I had plenty of opportunity to get rid of the cookies, since I have grandchildren!
I took a teeny weeny little screw driver and removed the lids - saving them for a Christmas project sometime!
So, off to my scraps container, where I found a TON of lace! Free!
I just love the little flowers on this lace.
I have to do my hot glue work on the kitchen counter. It won't be long before I have a beautiful room to do my crafts/sewing/computer work in. I'll show that when it's done.
I like the lace around the top, it just fits!
Each basket (50 cents) holds a pair of garden gloves ($1), a garden shovel ($1), a peat pot !8/$1), a package of seeds (3/$1), and some M&M's ($2). I put Easter grass (free)in the bottom to help hold everything in place.
Below are the baskets, all set for my dinner party gifts! You can find them at Tablescape Thursday. I had a free coupon for printed invitations, and got 10 of them with garden flowers on them, with matching envelopes.
I am enjoying a wonderful spring Thrifty Thursday and hope you are too! More thrifty ideas can be found at the below address:

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  1. Very imaginative and it turned out so cute! Everyone will enjoy the baskets and contents and your thoughtfulness tremendously.


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