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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Metamorphosis Monday and Tuesday's Treasures

This week I'm going to show you how I took this vintage handkerchief and made it into a Christening bonnet.

You need an iron, 1/4" ribbon, thread to match, scissors and any hankie. I used a hankie that belonged to my daughter-in-law's grandmother, white thread and ribbon. First, iron the hankie flat. Fold one edge back approx. one inch, and iron. You may need to adjust this to two or three inches, depending on the size of the hankie and the size of the bonnet. Fold the opposite edge toward the first fold, approx. three inches, iron. There should be a little space between the two edges. Open the hankie, and hand stitch running stitches along the first fold. Pull on the thread to make it a circle, tie to hold, trim ends. With the second fold, take each corner and fold a small edge into the hankie to form a triangle. Stitch a piece of ribbon in this area to make the ties. You can add embellishments as you wish to add a decorative touch.

This is what the back is going to look like when you get done, can you tell where it's folded forward?

I can guarantee that you will have a beautiful keepsake when you are done, but I can't guarantee you will have a happy face like this!!! That depends on you! I have made one of these for each of my grand daughters. This poem goes along with it:

Hankie Bonnet Poem
I am just a little hankie, as square as can be;

But with a stitch or two, they've made a bonnet out of me.

I'll be worn home from the hospital, or on special days,

And then I'll be carefully pressed and neatly packed away.

Then on the wedding, I've been tol,

Every well dressed Bride must have something old.

So what would be more fitting than to find little Old Me,

A few stitiches snipped and a wedding handkerchief I'll be!

And if per chance, it is a boy, someday he still will wed.

So to his Bride he can present the handkerchief once worn up his head.
I found hankies at the Dollar General store 3/$1, and I'm going to make a bunch up to sell in our Hospital Auxiliary Gift shop! I think they will sell great!

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  1. How precious, but I can't get over that pretty baby - you are such a lucky grandma! Just look at that face! Priceless! Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. What a beautiful idea and a precious baby.
    Those are going to sell out quickly at the auxiliary shop.
    I linked to the same party-
    Come by if you have time.

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  3. Sweet sweet baby with an absolutely darling bonnet!
    Sooooo clever and really like this hanky bonnet...darling.

    May you have a great week,
    d from HomeHaven


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