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Friday, February 5, 2010

Mantel Friday-Nell Hills 2

I'm going to link up for Tuesday's Tabletop Tuesday. This is what I wrote for the Mantel Party on Friday. Check out Tabletop Tuesday at this week, because, I don't remember why. . . . sorry.

This week my post is about my Nell Hill's experience. This is Mary Carol Garrity's study, decorated for fall. She uses a lot of natural elements, some real, some artificial. The wall covering was grass cloth (I felt it). Considering everyone says wallpaper is SO out, I was surprised!

Using silver trays sitting on tables, or wherever she could, she put books, photos, flowers, all kinds of trinkets on them.

There also was a lot of decorative plates, and pumpkins, as well as the beautful peach roses.

Remember this was in the fall, so the fall colors were important.

Ok, stay with me here, but I would have never thought of hanging a mirror in the middle of a window. Even though there is a table in front of it.

The ladies pictured below stayed in the 3rd story room at the B&B. There is room for 12 people to stay up there! They had SO much fun, and we got a kick out of them. Look at the mantel behind them though! There are even dishes up at the very top!

I'm enjoying so much the Mantel Friday posts, hope you are too! The rest of my day will be spent checking out the other Mantel posts! They can be found below:


  1. I love seeing all these unique ideas. What a fun trip!

  2. How fun! And wallpaper is back in now :). Especially grasscloth and bold damask prints. These are great inspirational pics. Thanks for linking up to the party and sharing them with us.

  3. Sandi~~

    I love all the pictures, thank you for sharing them!! Love all of Carol's decorating idea, too. Do you remember that I won the giveaway book you had...Home For The Holidays? I adore it! Glad you had so much fun! :-)


  4. I love Mary Carol Garrity's books and thanks to you, I so enjoyed seeing her study, etc. Beautiful as one would expect. Love the fall colours (my fav!) and wonderful vignettes.


  5. Enjoyed this wonderful inspiration! Thanks for sharing! ~RHonda :)

  6. Oh, I so enjoy her books but would love to actually be in her shop! All the photos are so pretty.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. It would be so fun to visit! The second picture is my favorite! I love the books with the silver tray!

  8. Oh I so love Nell Hills books! Thank you for some lovely inspiration pictures!

  9. WOw this was such a great post. I'm a huge fan of MCG and her style. I especially love her use of trays, but had no idea how hard it is to duplicate that. Love your blog! Stop by for a visit some time!


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