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Saturday, October 5, 2013

It's one of my favorite DECORATING times of the year!

 The only thing wrong with Halloween is that we have no kids around any more to make costumes for, have parties for, make treats for!  I have a lot of Halloween decor, and have decided to pare it down.  So, the above photo is my mantel this year.  I like the way it turned out.  The decorations are some that I will keep. \
The picture in the middle was actually a wall hanging from years ago (80's).  It's yellow and orange, and it goes perfectly with the Halloween theme!  It was supposed to just be a pretty picture.  I'm thinking about painting some big nasty vultures in the trees!
 The above photo is in the entry way.  On Halloween night, I will light the candles, and keep the overhead lights low, so when the 4-5 kids we have trick-or-treating come, it's kind creepy.  
 I got this skeleton last year, don't even remember where, but I was so excited!  He is about 4' tall, and looks pretty scary!
 The pop-up book is really cute, love pop-ups!
 Many of my decorations are ceramic.  We used to have a ceramic shop here in town (which is something considering we only have 30 people)  The kids and I used to walk over and make things, and many MANY of the things were Halloween.  Love the mummy getting out of the coffin.  The mummy in the background is an art project DD#2 made when she was in grade school.  I framed it, and have used to every year.  Just love the one eye open!
 The goblet were from a thrift store in Colby, Kansas!  I lived there for a year doing therapy, and every week, made it to the thrift store.  
I bought a rat last year - he was only a dollar, but adds SOMETHING!

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