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Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Year, A New Chapter in Our Book of Life

We lost a long time pet/friend this week, with our horse being found dead on Saturday.  She was old - around 29, which is old for a horse.  

 We got her when she was a yearling, and our oldest daughter Angie, broke her to ride.  She rode her for many years in horse shows, and she 
won many, many ribbons and trophies. 

 She's been "retired" for several years, but provided many hours of entertainment for our grandchildren.  The photos show one of our grand daughters with her.  

She was amazingly tame for an older horse, and never ever got cranky or mean with the little ones around.  
 We are going to miss her a lot, she was a great pet/friend for all of our family.  
RIP Foxy Nakita, you will be forever
in our hearts!
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