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Monday, February 27, 2012

Getting my files organized - FINALLY!!!

One of my very favorite magazines these days is "Storage", it is put out by Better Homes and Gardens and is marked on the front as a "Special Interest Publication". I have looked online and can't find anything about it, but it is WONDERFUL. One of my biggest problems was my file drawers. I had files, had things in the files, but didn't have a rhyme or reason to what I was keeping and where, therefore everything was very hard to find. The Spring 2012 issue has an article on "Conquering Paper Pileup". Aha! Speaking right to my heart! I read it probably 10 times, and it made so much sense!!! The page heading says - "4 must-have sections for your file cabinet". And there it was - my rhyme AND my reason!!!! Before you think this was all so easy, you have to know that I have PLENTY of file folders. I didn't want to buy a lot to get this done. So when it said to use green folders for anything pertaining to money, I used green tags instead. I used blue for anything pertaining to me - red for anything pertaining to DH.
I created my own headings, etc., and it all makes sense to me. I reused many of the brown folders, but stuck with the same theory of marking them as I had the other stuff. I am so tickled to have it done, and the times I've needed something out of the files, they are easy to figure out. Just what I needed. The drawer in the top photo doesn't even look full, but that's because there's so much stuff just crammed in the back of the drawer that I didn't have filed yet.

This all made such perfect sense to me, once I got started. I'm so incredibly happy to have this done!!!

I'm joining up with Organize With Sandy, hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


  1. Good for you, this is on my to do list. I just finished doing our taxes so I'm now more free to work on it. Thanks for stopping by, that was a real nail bitter wasn't it!!

  2. Dosen't it feel great when you get things in order? Your draw makes it look like everything is so easy to find. Nice job, maybe you have inspired me a bit.


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