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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Quarterly projects

At this time of the year, I have a couple of "quarterly" upkeeping that I do. The first one is to clean my dryer filter. I've made it a habit to clean mine about every four months, using a soft brush, warm water, and some dish soap. If you want to know if your dryer filter is dirty - just take it to the sink and run water on it. If the water puddles up and doesn't run through, then it needs cleaned. The "waxy" substance on our dryer sheets sticks to the filter, and keeps the air from being able to move through like it should. It helps to make our dryer run more efficiently, and does a better job in shorter time, in some instances.

The other thing I do quarterly, is add yeast to the septic tank. We've been in this house for 29 years this year, and I've done this since we moved in. About 15 years ago, we were doing some work (adding on), and had the yard torn up. My DH decided at that time since the yard was a mess anyway, that he would call in the "Honey Wagon" to clean out the septic tank. The "Honey Man" was impressed to find no solids in our septic tank at all. He advised that we should keep doing whatever we were doing, because it was working! My DH was impressed, since he always thought I was kinds "touched in the head" with the yeast thing. (go me!)

In the front cover of Martha Stewarts magazine, she has an organization calendar, and I've been using it to do the "extra stuff" that usually gets forgotten. Try it if you need motivation.

Have a wonderful week, and a blessed NEW YEAR!!!


  1. hi Sandi!

    may your new year be awesome,

  2. No septic tank here, but I'm sure my dryer filter needs attention! Thanks for the public service announcement!

  3. I am going to wash that lint drawer today. My husband puts something (some product) down the drain, but I didn't know about yeast. Wonder if we're just paying for yeast?


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