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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So much to do - so little time! Joining Vintage Thingie Thursday!

We have been so busy between home and our new lake home - then throw in the fact that we haven't signed over the OLD lake home and it even gets more confusing! We love the new house though, and as well as the new location. It's so handy to just pull the boat up on the beach and run up to the house. I'm sharing a few photos, hope you enjoy! Here's the view from the living room. Those rosey drapes on the left are GONE now!

This is top of some of the kitchen cabinets - I have plans for this area, but haven't decided yet about paint vs. wall paper up here.

I used some antique ceiling tiles instead of a headboard for our bed. Thanks for stopping by - I'm still working on it, so come back again! Since I showed you the Ceiling tiles - guess I'll joining Vintage Thingie Thursday - what the heck!


  1. I love your ceiling tiles!! They make a wonderful headboard!! Happy VTT!

  2. I love those ceiling tiles for the headboard. I'm constantly seeing creative uses for them, and I think they are so lovely.

  3. A great idea that turned out very nicely.

  4. I like the 'ceiling tile as artwork' but how do you get them to stay up? Did they come ready to hang or did you add something to the back of your tiles?

  5. I like the tiles as a headboard! Great idea. Congrats on your new lake home!



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