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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday - Cancun Vacation 2010

It took a little bit, because some of the members our group got to get "personal" with the TSA at the airport!
But we were happy to be out of the cold and wet, and into the warm and balmy weather of Cancun. We had never been to Cancun, and were really looking forward to it. Our resort that had been chosen 1 year before - caught fire 2 weeks before our arrival, so we were moved to a different one. One that was new, under 6 weeks since it's opening. We even enjoyed some of the funky things along the highway on the way to the resort.
We spent a lot of time at the pool, which was beach-side.
Sparkles like diamonds!
I noted that the color of the water is different on this side of Mexico than on the west side. I think the water is more turquoise on this side.
The landscaping and buildings were beautiful. Instead of a room, we each had a condo of our own, with either one or two bedrooms, two or three bathrooms, living/dining room and kitchen. We spent 5 days enjoying the sun and fun, the first week of December (my birthday!).
On our last morning, this is the little guy that watched us eat our breakfast, in the dining room. He's really intent in looking me over, as I am him! The waiting staff said it was a Spider Monkey.
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  1. Hubby and I are heading that way the end of the month( playa del Carmen) just south of Cancun would love tips on where to eat and your favorite excursions etc.

  2. I am sooooo jealous!!! I love Mexico! And Cancun, ahhh. Lucky you! Happy belated Birthday!

  3. I loved Cancun and would love to go back. Your resort was gorgeous...I love and oceanside pool. What a cute little monkey!! Thanks for sharing your pictures!


  4. I am just cringing at going home to below freezing weather. We have to do it tomorrow! Your vacation looks wonderful, what a beautiful property and I agree, the water there is just stunning. We have only been once. We had a trip planned a couple of years ago and a hurricane hit the day we were headed out so that killed that trip. Another time! Now, why do I live where it snows all winter????

  5. Love the photographs. Looks like you had a fabulous vacation.

  6. Oh, lucky you! I took a nice little "vacation" through your pics. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  7. I could use those two ocean pictures in the frames in our bedroom , OK? mom

  8. Thank you for the amazing pics! Funny having a real monkey just loose like that! I cannot wait to get some sun next month. Maybe we will do Mexico next time.

  9. Cancun is a very nice place. It has beautiful beaches and good food. It is among the top tourist destinations in Mexico. Having a vacation there is really great!


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