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Friday, January 29, 2010

Another giveaway!!! Yeah!!!

Ok, now just tell me - WHO wouldn't want to be entered in this giveaway. And if it's you, then do this for me. Go over and enter, and if you win -SEND IT TO ME!!!! HA! Check it out! There's more than the glass slipper....much, much more!

Pink Saturday Mosaic Monday

I thought this mosaic turned out good! The left ribbon is on a building on Michigan Avenue, Chicago. The right ribbon balloon was at the Hot Air Balloonfiesta in Albuquerque, or however it's spelled!, when I went 3 years ago. I want to go back again to that, but that's a whole other blog.....

Onward now to join up with the Pinks at the below address. Enjoy! and please be sure and leave comments! added on Sunday night: I'm going to use this post for Mosaic Monday also, so please join the fun at for more great Mosaics!

Also, visit a new blogger at the below address, and let her know I sent you! She has some beautiful photos!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Give Away from Lovely Scribbles!!!!

I was over checkin' out Mantel Friday and see that she's having a GIVEAWAY!!!! Nikki from Lovely Scribbles is giving away a dozen of her beautiful placecards. You HAVE to check this out, but please don't enter cause I really NEED TO WIN!!!! Look at these beauties.....
Ok, I will tell you where to go to look at these, but DON'T sign up for them, cause I really NEED to win them. I'm just letting you go look, ok? Oh shoot, go ahead, you probably can use them too, and I want to share!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

We have friends who decorate with lighthouses at their cabin at the lake. When we went to Puerto Vallarta a couple of years ago, I took a great photo of the marina area. I got this used frame for $4.00 at the thrift store. It was in fine shape, just needed a little cleaning up.

The mat had big hunks missing though, so something had to be done.
My Darling Husband spray painted the back side of the mat in navy, which really made the blues in the photo stand out. Then I put it all together as you see below. I think it turned out really well, and was certainly worth all the money I put in to it! Ha! Can't wait to see how they like it.
I'm joining a lot of other folks who are dropping over to "Bloggeritaville" and having another look at all the Thrifty Thursday participants. Please come along!

Giveaway - Flea Market Style!!!

Join me as I visit Flea Market Style and try to win this great giveaway! You can find it at:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

I did a mosaic of this house a couple of months back, and got curious to find out more about this house. So this is what I found out.

This home was built in in 1880 and took 8 years to complete. In it's day, it had 14 rooms, all of which were large. The family that built it had 14 children, but 6 of them were grown and never lived in the home. It was very common in that time for Indians to come to the home and ask for food. The owners wife was continually baking bread, and when the Indians got the "whiff" of it, they would show up and take all that she had. In those days, they had to travel by wagon to Nebraska for flour, so it was a rather precious commodity. This house is located 3 miles from me, and MY house is 25 miles more/less to Nebraska. That was a long trip by wagon for flour! I'll have more information on another post, later on! Look at the awesome detail UNDER the eves of this house! Amazing!

Be sure and visit the other Outdoor Wednesday participants - there are a BUNCH today.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mantel Friday - Nell Hills 1

The weekend that my BFF and I spent in Atchison, Kansas this past fall was great! We attended the open house of Mary Carol Garrity, Nell Hill's Fall Openhouse. We stayed in a B&B across the street from Mary Carol, and toured many beautiful homes, including hers. This week I'm featuring the different mantels we observed. Next week I will begin to feature Mary Carola great ideas for mantels.

This as you can see, is not a mantel, but a beautiful baby grand that the owner played one afternoon to entertain us. We played "name that tune" and she played wonderfully.

This mantel is in the B&B that we stayed in, called the Tuck U Inn. I should say ONE of the mantels.

This mantel was in one of the homes that we toured.

This is the mantel in the home that Amelia Erhart was born in. She lived first part of her life in Atchison, and came back numerous times after she married.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I know you can't wait to see what Nell Hill's has to show for this winter! Join me as I return to see more Mantles at :

It's a Junkin' Mosaic Monday!

You know me!!! I LOVE to go Junkin'! In this week's mosaic, you will find a few of my favorite things!

Don't forget to drop by to visit everyone over at the "Little Red House". You can find them at:

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sharin' The Love!

Be sure and join me as we celebrate the first year of blogging for a friend. She is having a wonderful giveaway to celebrate and hats off to her! Click below to go directly to the giveaway page!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pink Saturday

It's EMMA again! She is so darn cute!!!!! and as always, pretty in PINK! Have a wonderful pink day and stop by to visit more pinkies here:

Also want to send you to a new blog, to read about a young mother struggling with a difficult disease. You can find her at :

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mantel Friday

I got an electric fireplace in December, and I'm so excited. I love the way it pulls my living room all together. This wall has always waited for a fireplace on it. So this is what I ended up with.This is what it looked like at Christmas. I actually turn it on every night. It has a heater that can be turned on, and it warms up the room very quickly.
I love this meme! I have tons of photos that I took at Nell's Hills that will work for this one! Yeah! Aren't you all stoked? Ha! Thanks for hosting this Friday Fun! Thanks Beth! Its a great idea! Join me, won't you? I'm over visiting:

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

We had a PINK Weekend!

We spent last weekend getting acquainted with our newest grand daughter, Anya. She was born on the 21st of December, then came the Christmas snow storm, then DH was in the hospital, then came the next snow storm, and finally we got to see her. We live 6 1/2 hours from them, so it takes awhile to get there, but she was definitely worth the wait. It was our other grand daughter Emma's first birthday, so we had a full PINK weekend!

Big Sister

Emma's first birthday our little "princess"

Emilie and I made tutu's for Emma and her cousin Greta (Anya's big sister).

Thanks to Beverly again this week for hosting Pink Saturday. I'm so glad to be back in the swing of things again! Please join me as I return to her blog and see the grand list of Pinkies!