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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

We have friends who decorate with lighthouses at their cabin at the lake. When we went to Puerto Vallarta a couple of years ago, I took a great photo of the marina area. I got this used frame for $4.00 at the thrift store. It was in fine shape, just needed a little cleaning up.

The mat had big hunks missing though, so something had to be done.
My Darling Husband spray painted the back side of the mat in navy, which really made the blues in the photo stand out. Then I put it all together as you see below. I think it turned out really well, and was certainly worth all the money I put in to it! Ha! Can't wait to see how they like it.
I'm joining a lot of other folks who are dropping over to "Bloggeritaville" and having another look at all the Thrifty Thursday participants. Please come along!


  1. They are going to LOVE the gift! It really turned out so well.

  2. How thoughtful. We went to Puerto Vallarta several years ago and adored it.!!


  3. What a wonderful gift. I love the thought and I am sure they will just be thrilled. Hugs, Marty

  4. That is such a thoughtful gift. Really nice.

  5. I'm sure they will love it! You took a great picture.


  6. Perfect! Its going to be gorgeous in your lakeside cabin!Great work!

    Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday!


    Tales from Bloggertiaville

  7. Have a little idea or two tucked away is a good thing. I should have linked into Thrifty Thursday since I made my heart from scraps.
    Lovely thrifty gift for your friends, they're sure to love it.
    Lights Out!

  8. I think this is the first time I've been here. I just gotta tell you, I ADORE your header picture. That is "hoar frost" - - - which fact you probably know! I've never seen a more GORGEOUS example of it, especially by the little hut!!! Great shot. I hope you can lay claim to having taken it!

  9. Great photo of the marina and lighthouse...your friends will love it!

    Your header photo is gorgeous! It makes me shiver just looking at it...

  10. The project turned out very well! Good job!


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