Small Town Living at Its Best

For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall have everlasting life.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Quiet in a Small Town

It's morning in my small town, and the quiet covers us like a favorite blanket on a cold winter night. There is the occasional sound of the nearby farmer starting his truck to go down to the local gas station for coffee or the birds awakening from their nights sleep, but that is all you hear. We are so lucky that the highway is far enough away that traffic does not interrupt the quiet.

Later on, around noon, the town will move to the next level of activity because the mail is delivered. People begin to congregate at the boxes and news is shared about neighbors and friends. Sometimes discussions about the economy ensue, but seldom are there disagreements that will break the quiet. We are lucky however, that most people walk to the mailbox, so that adds to the peaceful setting. There are only 6 children that live in our town, so there is the rare noise from them when they are out riding their bicycle, playing at the school playground, or sometimes come to my yard to swing or sled if the weather is right for it.

As the day progresses, the few business's are busier. It seems that everyone waits until late afternoon to come to get gas or share a beverage, before returning to their homes for supper. Around 4 p.m. there are more people than actually live here because the local farmers congregate at the gas station, as I said, to check in on the days' activities. The occasional loud tractor or racing engine are the only sounds that really break the silence.

As evening rolls around, everyone returns again to their homes to sit on the porch, sharing the news with their family and preparing for the rest they so greatly deserve. A few of the people take an evening walk, stopping to talk with folks as they go along. Of course, there are always the cars that go by and a honk is always greeted with a wave, even if you don't recognize who it is. This is the way it is every day, and may seem boring, but is loved by some of us.